3 Ways Businesses Lose Prospective Clients

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threeHere are the top 3 reasons why and what you can learn from for your business. . .

  1. Not communicating until they have something to sell. One business owner sent 7 emails in 6 days over the past week. This is a business that hasn’t sent an email in well over a month. The goal of the emails? To get me to sign up for something. No content, no value, all about that business owner. Unsubscribed.
  1. Affiliate insanity. A well-known coach was in the middle of a big launch. All his affiliates were on board and, while I haven’t heard from many of them in quite a while, felt the need to offer me $5000+ bonuses of their “best” products and why I “must buy now” and trust in their referral. Ahhh, nope. Unsubscribed from 8 different businesses – most of which sent 3 emails on the last day of the launch.
  1. Putting revenue before relationships. Provide value. Be generous. Give information and, if it’s a good fit, your readers will do business with you. If it’s not a good fit, think of it as good karma. Relationships before revenue. . .always.

The gist?

Treat your subscribers, your community, as you want to be treated. Don’t abuse the trust they place in you as they welcome you into their inboxes, phones and lives.

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