4 Levels of Business Growth-Which Are You In?

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whereareyouAre you wishing you were further along in your business?

It’s okay. . .I’m not offering you a $10,000 “mastermind” where you can pay to hang out with some new friends who will help you generate amazing new ideas for your business and then disappear into the shadows when it comes time to implement.

I’m asking as I’m afraid you may be in “mindset overwhelm”.  Here’s what I mean. .

We’re often told that we *should* be doing certain things in our business.

  • We *should* be sending a weekly ezine
  • We *should* have a continuity or membership program
  • We *should* offer a high end program
  • We *should* be posting 2-3 times a week on our blog
  • We *should*, *should*, *should*. . .

It’s enough to make you crazy with overwhelm.

Reality is that your business may not be ready for these things and if your business isn’t ready, you’re destined for frustration and overwhelm which lead to lower-than-possible revenues.

Our businesses have different growth stages.  Knowing which one yours is in and which steps to take to move on to the next is what separates the truly successful from the overwhelmed and doomed-to-fail.

Make It Real: My Request To You

Escalator Marketing™ includes 4 stages, or levels, of business growth:

  • Foundation: Gaining Visibility & Credibility
  • Level 1: Getting Clients
  • Level 2: Adding Leverage
  • Level 3: Increasing Profits

While we never ignore the other stages, our primary focus should be on one level at a time.

Which level is your business currently in (no thinking/acting “as if” here – we’re talking about your future!)?

  • Do you think “If only people knew about me and my business. ..”?  If so, you want to focus on building your Foundation.
  • Do you lie awake at night wondering if your business will make it? If so, you want to focus on either the Foundation or Level 1: Getting Clients.
  • Do you have a few clients who you’ve gotten great results with and know you can help others if only they’d hire/work with you?  If so, you’re in Level 1: Getting Clients.
  • Do you have more clients than you can handle? If so, it’s time for Level 2: Adding Leverage.
  • Do you hear the words “passive revenue” and start drooling?  If so, it’s time to step into Level 2: Adding Leverage or Level 3: Increasing Profits.
  • Are your group and private programs humming along, filling regularly and yet you’re asking where, at the end of the day, the m.o.n.e.y is?  If so, it’s time for Level 3: Increasing Profits.

Knowing which level you’re currently in allows you to focus on activities designed to move you forward rather than jumping ahead to thing your business, and your clients, aren’t yet ready for.

We’ll discuss the four levels in detail in future issues.