4 Unconventional Ways To Market Your Ezine

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There are hundreds of ways to market your ezine.  Some are good, some are expensive and many are both.

We’ve all heard of:

    • article marketing (effective if done right)


  • ezine advertising (can work)
  • Google Adwords (can be expensive)
  • purchasing lists (I don’t recommend)
  • hosting teleseminars (very effective if marketed well)


But have you considered any of the following:

1. Networking Meetings/Conferences.

In addition to bringing business cards designed to grow your list (meaning they include a call to action to get prospects to your website), have you thought about creating a large 4.25 by 5.5 inch advertisement for your ezine?

These will stand out in a pile of standard-sized business cards and people are drawn to reading them. If you’re allowed
to bring handouts or marketing materials, print out one of your best ezines and let prospects take that (include a neon sticker telling them how to sign up!).

2. Co-registration.

In addition to encouraging people to sign up for your ezine on YOUR website, partner with others who offer complementary, not competing, services and each of you list the other’s ezine on your “thank you” page.

The prospect has already signed up for your ezine and now has the option of signing up for others which you recommend — just be sure the ezine contains valuable information and is not all promotion before you recommend!

3. Direct Mail.

It’s not f.r.e.e., but
done right, direct mail is an effective strategy for building your
online list. Send a postcard describing your ezine to your target
audience and watch your subscriptions increase!

4. Association Mailings.

Associations are always looking for new material to give their members. Offer to write an article for their membership (or repurpose one of your own) which includes a call to action to bring them to your website or ezine sign-up page.

I recently saw a commercial on Fox TV in which Fox, rather than state “Think outside the box”, stated “There is no box”.
How can you apply this thinking to your marketing?

A request

While today’s article is titled “Unconventional Ways to Market Your Ezine”, it could really be called “Unconventional Ways to Market Your BLANK”.

I challenge you to market your ezine (or business) in AT LEAST one new and different way this week.