5 Instant Ways to Gain Leverage in Your Business

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Most business owners go into business, in part, to create a desired lifestyle and that lifestyle usually doesn’t involve working 24/7. The best way to avoid that is, wherever possible, to create leverage.

When looking to increase leverage in your business, chances are, you’ve considered the most obvious:

* Raising your prices

* Creating premium VIP programs

But when was the last time you took a good look at your readers and list for leverage?

How about:

* Speaking with former clients and offering them a fall quickstart session?

* Following-up with recent inquiries

* Creating a referral program

* Creating a new product which answers your clients most pressing questions/problems

* Creating an update or premium version to an existing product or service

Or thought even more outside the box. . .

* Licensing your products

* Private labeling your services

* Obtaining sponsorship for what you do

These are just a few of the several options you have for instantly creating leverage in your business.

My Request To You

In order to create sustainable leverage in your business, you first want to ensure that your “foundation” is strong enough to handle the additional clients and revenue:

* Are your client intake systems in place so every new client enjoys the same experience?

* What’s your process for when a client is ready to move on?

* What happens when a recurring client has a charge decline?

These are just a few of the “foundational” processes you want to have in place in order to enjoy sustainable leverage.