Getting Things Done – the Right Things – in a Crazy Unrelenting World

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Let’s face it. . .the world’s crazy. No matter how much you do, it seems as if there’s another avalanche ready to bury you and you’re constantly running, running, running to stay ahead or even to keep up.

And that’s just for your business – add in personal stuff and it’s understandable why you want to put your head under a pillow some mornings.

So how do you get things done, not just any old “things”, but the right things?

First, you “clear your mental desk” – take 10-15 minutes and write down EVERYTHING that pops into your head: from your friend’s birthday gift to your new teleseminar to updating your website and getting an electrician in (okay, those are on my mind – you get the idea).

Second, grab a notebook or blank piece of paper (yep, I want you to actually write and not type) and pick 7 things from your list above. Write them down.

Third, do them in the order you listed. When you finish with one, move on to the next, and so on.

Fourth, do the same thing tomorrow. And the day after and the day after that. Note: If you don’t finish something today, that doesn’t guarantee it a spot on tomorrow’s list.

And once you get this approach down pat, add a timer to your routine. I know, for example, that it should take me no more than one hour to write my newsletter – start to finish.

So when “write newsletter” shows up on my list each Monday, I set my timer for 60 minutes. This keeps me totally focused and I often get the newsletter done in less time.

And to tame the ever-consuming email, I check it at set times each day or between tasks (from above) if I’m expecting something.

I also “book” an hour into my calendar for each day – nothing’s planned. This is for whatever comes up and, if nothing comes up, I choose whether to walk the dogs, do something else from my list, make a really nice dinner for my hubby. . .whatever I’m inspired to do.

The above makes a few assumptions:

1. You have written goals and objectives AND are passionate about achieving them.

2. You *know* that you don’t have to know all the steps to reach your goals right now, that the path will reveal itself and that you know who to ask if you want help along the way.

3. You delegate those things which aren’t in your best interest to do and, if you don’t yet have a team, you put on your “team hat” for X amount of time each day and do those things then.

My Request To You

When writing this article, I did a search on Google™ and learned that there are 198,000,000 listings for “time management”.

Needless to say, it’s a hot topic and a longstanding one.

This article contains the simplest system – write it down, do it. Everything else is just noise and clutters your brain.

My request is simple. . .try the above. As written. Give it three weeks and see how much more you’ll get done in that time.