5 ways to help your clients and readers share your content

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Customers and readers sharing infoWhen it comes to creating content, it can often feel like you’re sending stuff into a black hole.

Does anyone see it?

Do they read it?

Does it make a difference?

We don’t always know.  Not unless something you’ve written, recorded or produced strikes a nerve, inspires or otherwise moves someone to action.  So what are you, a busy entrepreneur, to do?

How can you help your customers and readers share your content?

  1. First, is likely the most obvious.  Create information which is helpful, relevant and distribute it in as many ways as possible so that your readers and customers see it where they like to be.
  2. Make it easy for your clients and readers to share.  Include social sharing buttons either at the top and bottom of blog posts or on on the side.  Encourage readers to forward your newsletter.
  3. Reward those who share.  Thank them publicly and offer them incentives/rewards they can’t get otherwise.  This could mean exclusive content/special reports not available publicly (if you’re a service provider) or a special version of a product (if you’re a “widget maker”).  Having an event?  Recognize them as VIPs.
  4. Make it fun.  Create a game or contest around whomever has the most shares or likes and publicly acknowledge the winner.
  5. Make it about something other than you.  Include a cause that’s bigger than you.  For example, I recently helped out at a non-profit — several people shared and retweeted the pictures and information to help increase the overall amount raised.

Common sense tells us (backed by several studies) that people trust their friends, family and social network much more than they trust advertising.

Marketing today is about communicating with your audience in a way which engages them — talk with them, not at them.

Are you giving your customers and readers a reason to share your content, a reason to tell others about you and the positive impact you’ve had on their lives/businesses?

Please let me know your thoughts below and you’re more than welcome to share this post with your readers, either via link or in total when including the blurb below. 🙂