5 Ways to Increase Conversions with a Business Refresh

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springcleaningFreshening things up. Moving things about. Repurposing and giving new life to things which have started to feel a bit stale.

We tend to focus on our households in spring and out businesses in winter.

With just over 30 days left in the year, what tweaks will you make to give things a refresh – for yourself and your clients?

Simple tweaks/changes can have a huge impact in perception and conversion – two factors which contribute significantly to your success.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Business (and YOU!)

  1. Is there anything you’ve noticed or clients have mentioned that could be improved? For example, how the phone is answered or messages are left. Or, if you have a Team, that everyone’s on the same page about your processes.
  2. Is there something that’s sat on your “To Do” list for months? Can you finish or delegate it to be completed by the new year so you start on a “completion high” or, have you outgrown it and it’s time to move on, crossing it off without guilt?
  3. Attract more clients by updating your complimentary giveaway so it reflects what new/current clients are asking about/wanting to know more about.
  4. Review your offers – are they in alignment with where you are today? Are you offering too much? Too little? Is your pricing reflective of your brand?
  5. Is your Team working for you? If not, what needs to change? People, processes or both?

The key here is to follow your inspiration. Rather than rush through to meet a deadline, go with where your creativity leads and enjoy the process. The inspired and renewed energy will come through and attract more of your ideal clients and customers.

Enjoy and, as always, please share your tips and questions below.