“7 Keys to Getting Known for Something Uniquely Your Own” by Shawn Driscoll

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shawndriscollGetting known for something uniquely your own doesn’t mean you have to invent some totally amazing, never-been-thought-of-before idea or product. No need to be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah or Albert Einstein. What it really means –in the simplest of terms—is putting your unique spin on the work you do. It means showing up with clarity about who you are and pinpointing “who” and “how” you best serve.

As I work with clients on transforming them and their business into highly respected influencers, I’ve noticed 7 key shifts that pave the way for getting known for your own distinct work and message. So check them out and take note of where you are going strong and where you might need to lean in a little bit.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

Instead focus on what’s not being addressed by others in your market or industry. Why don’t the standard ‘solutions’ work for your particular client? What might be missing that you can offer? When you see what other’s don’t—and follow that path instead of trying to fit in—you instantly carve out your unique message and area of expertise.

2. Listen to Your Loyal Clients.

They are telling you what you do that is unique, distinctive and incredibly valued. Pay attention to the unexpected benefits they rave about. This is what keeps them coming back for more—and what makes you distinctive.

3. Take a Stand.

The strength of your brand is only as good as the power of your stand. What do you want for those you serve? Why is this work worth dedicating your precious time and energy and life to? What’s the new possibility you believe in? Share your stand proudly and loudly.

4. Shift from solving Transactional Problems to solving Transformational ones.

Yes, everyone wants more time, energy, money, health. But the truth is there is so much more to it than just these surface issues. You change lives. That is transformational. Focus on the transformation that is uniquely your own to offer. That includes the intangibles as well as the tangibles.

5. Share Your Story.

Why is this work so important to you? How has your life’s path led you here? Don’t worry that it’s a winding road. The best paths are. Share who you are and why you do what you do. No one can compare with that credential.

6. Say NO to Status Quo.

It’s tempting to look around, see what others are doing and try to duplicate their results. But it just doesn’t work that way. And it won’t get you known as someone distinctive. Look for your own fresh take on tired old solutions. Notice what makes you cringe about the status quo and look to shake it up with a smile. Say YES to that ‘thing’ you’d really love to offer or do…even if you’re not quite sure it will work.

7. Create Signature “Assets” in Your Business.

Getting crystal clear about your unique system or approach and putting your work into structured offerings helps you build assets that can increase in value over time. Offering structured packages and programs help prospects and clients ‘get’ what you’re offering and it makes transformational work more tangible. It also makes it easier for you to market and sell when you’ve got a signature “thing” to offer.

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Shawn Driscoll, known as the “Trailblazer’s Coach”, believes the fastest way to build a respected and profitable business is to dare to be distinctive. With a keen eye for strategy and a sixth sense for seeing ‘hidden’ systems within businesses, she has fast become a sought-after coach to many trailblazing entrepreneurs and leading experts internationally. Connect with her at www.ShawnDriscoll.com