My Most Valued 3 Tools + 1 Concept

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A toolboxquestion I’m asked often is “What tools do I need to be successful?” and while I can’t answer that specifically without knowing more about your business, I can share the 3 that are my most valuable (in no particular order):

1. LeadPages: Leadpages allows me to set up opt-in, landing, sales, webinar, “thank you” and more pages within minutes. This has saved me thousands of dollars in Team costs as its plug-n-play model lets me do it quicker than I can explain it. A bonus? They show you templates based on highest-to-lowest conversion rates. They also show you the conversion rates for all your pages, can host the pages for you or you can host yourself. Definitely a *must have* in my book!

2. Ruzuku: When it comes to membership platforms, I feel like I’ve used/checked/played with them all whether for myself or on behalf of my clients. Ruzuku wins hands down. My clients love it, I can set it up in minutes and their support staff, should you ever need them, is on top of it. They have different levels and I’ve never needed more than their Bootstrapper version.

3. Yep, the dreaded shopping cart. For all its imperfections, when *fully utilized*, it’s still the best one-stop-shop around. From charging monies to sending automatic autoresponders to auto-subscribing to nurturing sequences at time of order, segmenting after open rate and more, it does things that others charge hundreds more/month for.

And the 1 concept? Multiplicity.

From Team members to revenue streams, have more than one of everything. When my information (or “sales”) pages state things like “generate revenue 28/29 days of each month”, that revenue isn’t all from the same place. Some are larger sources, some are smaller. The key is that they all exist. If one part of the business has a bad month, there are other revenue sources to fall back on. This, more than anything except perhaps consistency, is what I attribute business success to.

You can work a whole lot less harder and let things flow easier when you know there are multiple sources of revenue.

What tools work best for you? Do you have a winning concept? Please share below.