Are you a proactive or reactive coach or consultant?

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If you’re a coach or consultant, as I am, there are two ways to manage your business: proactively and reactively.

Proactive is more than engaging with people on social media or networking/having  a call.  Being proactive means you’re creating and using your information, your content to get the word out more and generate revenue outside the standard one-on-one relationship and clients.

Being proactive means you’re consistently producing content and informational products — things you can convert to revenue so that even if you have a dip in private clients, revenue continues to come in.

Being proactive means you’re spending more time doing what you do and creating than whining that there’s not enough time.

And then there’s the reactive coach/consultant.  Writing the odd blog post, “too busy” for a weekly connection, “no time” for follow-up, often on social media and wondering why she has no clients.  “Why aren’t they coming?  Why aren’t they signing with me?” the reactive coach/consultant often laments.

Which currently describes you and what changes will you implement in your business?