Are you addicted?

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Training blocksAs an entrepreneur, particularly one who wants to be known as “the expert” in your field, it’s easy to get addicted. . .

. . .to trainings that is.

If you find yourself signing up for more trainings/programs/systems than you pass on, you’re addicted or if you find that you feel incomplete without a training program going on, you’re addicted.

Likely spending so much time in training that very little is actually getting done.

  • You don’t need a class to send an ezine, you need someone to send it to (mom does count initially!) and a system such as or to send it.  No graphics, no pictures, just your message…typed and then shared.
  • You don’t need a class to learn how to tell your story.  Be authentic and share from your heart.

It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s not okay to spend so much time (and money) on trying to get perfect that nothing else happens.

And before you think I’m anti-training, which I’m not, there are some things which I believe you do want to get training on (whether you invest in that training, get it from the vendor or study it yourself).  For example:

  • Knowing the full capabilities of your systems. Do you know what all the features of your shopping cart’s product setup are and how it can save you time while creating revenue?  Are your nurturing sequences helping or hurting your business?
  • Knowing how to plan, promote, host and follow-up on teleseminars/webcasts so that you don’t miss opportunities and, as part of that training, taking action on these same steps.
  • Knowing which numbers to focus on for business success (note: I recently taught a free call with slides on this which you can listen to at
  • . . .you get the idea.

As entrepreneurs, we are lifelong learners — it comes with the territory.  But that learning can not be at the expense of action.

It’s important to remember that “training” is one aspect of learning — another aspect is “doing”.  Only by doing will you truly learn and be able to customize for your personality and business.