Independence as a lifestyle, not just a day

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With the Independence Day holiday tomorrow in the United States, you’re bound to start receiving email after email about “independence” and “freedom” and achieving them in your life and business — many of them with “limited time offers” about some system or other that you just can’t do without.

Before you open those emails and consider whether or not the system is “the” one which will solve all your problems, ask yourself:

“What does ‘independence’ and ‘freedom’ mean to me?”

Are they:

  • being there when your children get home from school?
  • running errands in the middle of the day, taking your time and chatting with those you run into — without the pressure of a timeclock ticking?
  • having the freedom to take vacations (or staycations) on your schedule?
  • volunteering in your child’s school?
  • knowing you can work from anywhere?
  • being debt-free?
  • knowing you can be there for your aging parents as needed?

Take time to reflect on exactly why you’re in business for yourself and know that “money” is never the answer.  It’s simply a means to something else — keep digging until you find what that something is for you.

And, once done, create a vision board, write an affirmation, stick up a post-it note — whatever works for you to keep you focused on your “why”, then you can open the emails, if you wish, and ask if they contribute to or detract from your “why”.

Many have sacrificed so that we can have the freedom of choice we have today — the 4th of July, in addition to being America’s birthday is, in my mind, in remembrance of those who’ve sacrificed so we may live freely.

As a tribute to them and all they’ve given, I’d love to know what independence means to you…please comment below if inspired.

I wish you Happy Independence, not just for a day, but always!