Are you part of the hype? Why letting go is the fastest way to move forward

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It’s interesting how many of us are shy or uncomfortable about acknowledging where we are in our business (or life) because we think we *should* be further along than we are or that we don’t measure

I’ve been noticing a trend with some of my “Get Acquainted” calls:

Entrepreneurs are frustrated that they’re not achieving the level of success others perceive them to already have.

Read that line again.

Why do others perceive you to have success beyond where you are?

It’s typically because as humans, we want to feel included and, “in this world”, that means being “successful” in a “make 6 figures or beyond, go on high end vacations, wear Manolo Blahniks and only fly first class or in a private jet” type of way so people will want to hire you. . . as opposed to whatever “successful” means for you and having people hire you because of the uniqueness only you can bring to a relationship. My advice: “Let go of the hype, determine what successful means TO YOU and FOR YOU and then let’s create a roadmap to get you there.”

You MUST accept where you are today, right at this instant, before you can move forward to where you want to be!

You can’t move your business forward by pretending you’re somewhere further than you are. Trying to do so will result in overwhelm, chaos and, usually, financial stress.

Next Action Step

First, define what “successful” means to you. Forget everyone else.

Second, we’re 2 months into 2009, take a look at your original 2009 goals and decide if they’re still realistic. If so, great. . .plot your roadmap. If not, revise and then plot your roadmap.

Third, look around at others in your industry: Is there someone you can use as inspiration for taking action in your business.

You don’t have to love everything about the person, we just want them to motivate you into action.

It’s the trying to be something or someone you’re not which sucks the motivation out of you, not where you currently are in your business, so ACCEPT who and where you are and then you can move forward!