You’re never too busy to. . .

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When was the last time you took time to simply celebrate?

You see, last week was a busy one in my business — two team members were down with the flu, three Done 4 You clients had big (and hugely successful, I’m happy to say!) launches, and I had a record number of “Get Acquainted” and “SMAC” coaching calls.

While in the throes of such incredible busyness, you realize just how valuable your team is and I want to take today to celebrate MY team — all they’ve done, and continue to do, for me and all they’ve done for our “Done 4 You” clients.

MartyGina For those of you who have ever scheduled an appointment with me or sent a general inquiry, chances are you’ve spoken or emailed with Gina.

Here’s a great picture of her with her fiance Marty on Cape Cod last summer.

HeidiOrchids And there’s Heidi. . .who thinks nothing of checking emails at 10pm “just in case you need me”.

Don’t worry! I’m working with her on boundaries.

She sent this gorgeous picture yesterday with the note “Why would I want to work anywhere else?” — rather than a government cubicle in Washington, DC or IBM, Heidi now sits in front of her orchid garden and looks out over her yard in South Carolina.

Why indeed. . .

Thank you Gina and Heidi for all you do!

Thank you also to the rest of my team (who you’ll meet in future issues of this ezine): Lynda, Carol, Fran, Cosmin and Casimer.

When was the last time you celebrated those who make your life easier in a million different little, and not so little, ways?