Are you selling *hope*?

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, chances are you know my beloved BlackBerry died last week — I love my "scroll wheel" and have had a similiar model for over 10 years (I know you iphone peeps are cringing).

They no longer make scroll wheels.  Now it's all touchpads and touchscreens.

As I tested the Droid and Droid2 (on the Verizon platform where I've been), I quickly realized that it wasn't what I wanted.  Luckily, BlackBerry came out with it's new Torch and the ATT store was right next door.

15 minutes into "playing", this is what I wanted. 

Back next door to Verizon to see if they have anything comparable. 

"Nope, but we'll be getting new BlackBerries sometime before Christmas. Can you wait till then?" said the Verizon rep.

While considering it (after all, I love the Verizon platform and haven't had any issues in my tiny town of Lakeville), I went back to ATT to play with the Torch some more.

Joe, the extremely helpful and patient salesman, asked which way I was leaning and I told him what the Verizon rep said about new BlackBerries before Christmas.

And that's when Joe said it — "They're trying to sell you hope."

WHOOSH! Immediate flashback to a conversation I had with a colleague a couple of years ago — we were discussing how she'd just filled one of her programs and mine wasn't filling as quickly despite being more results-focused.

And that's when she said it — "I'm selling hope and you're selling realistic results. . .hope will win every time as no one wants reality."

Over the years I've seen hundreds of examples of people buying hope and then coming to me for results after they've spent tons of money and are frustrated with themselves and the person who sold them the hope because they're no further along in their business than they were before.

Personally, I'd rather be in the results business.  How about you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts below. . .

PS…I'm now the proud owner of a BlackBerry Torch from ATT and LOVE IT! 🙂