7 Reasons Blueprints Don’t Work

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Every time you turn around these days, someone's trying to sell you a blueprint:

  • blueprints for marketing
  • blueprints for social media
  • blueprints for reaching 6 figures
  • blueprints for reaching 7 figures
  • blueprints for setting up your team

Blueprints don't work.

A "blueprint" is a model or prototype — most often used by architects to build homes and by car manufacturers to provide specs for model designs.  You follow the steps — 1, 2, 3, etc. without variation to get the same result repeatedly.

This works for homes and car designs which start with the same raw materials and want to end with the exact same results.  It does not work for businesses:

  • You are not starting from the same place as the person selling you the blueprint
  • You don't have the identical skillset and expertise
  • You don't thrive on the exact same marketing strategies — you may love writing while others don't
  • You have a different personality and so resonate differently with your ideal clients (which are likely not the exact same ideal clients as the person selling the blueprint)
  • You don't have the same resources (you may have more, you may have less)
  • You're not doing/offering the identical thing — even if you serve the same industry, your style's going to be different
  • Your don't have the same goals, values and "why" supporting your actions

Blueprints don't work. . .plain and simple.

What DOES work is seeing what others do/have done and adapting it for your style, circumstances and business and working with a mentor who understands that your business is unique to you and gives you strategies and solutions which support who you are and how you want your business to support you — not someone who teaches a cookie-cutter approach designed for every Jane, Mary and Sue (or Tom, Dick and Harry).

It's about creating a business to suit your uniqueness and your desired lifestyle — whatever that happens to be. 

If you are ready to get off the roller coaster and stop following blueprints which don't work as you create the business of YOUR dreams, and want help determining the exact next step you should take, I'd love to chat with you. I've added 10 spots to my calendar over the next 3 weeks to talk with ambitious business owners who are ready and willing to focus on growing their business.

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