Your Program’s Sold Out — Now What?

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“YES! Finally!”, you’re thinking as the “ka-ching” sound on your computer dings again and again and you see those “New Order Was Placed” or “You’ve Got Money” emails coming in again and again.

This is the moment you’ve worked so hard for. You built relationships, created a great program, marketed it properly and clients are lining up to purchase.

Another “ka-ching”.

And another happy giggle from you. After all, this is THE moment everyone talks about and that you’ve waited so long for.

Now you can buy that new laptop, pay down some debt, breathe a little.

Then it happens. . .you realize it’s time to deliver the program and you have to fit that in with everything else you’re already doing.

When are you going to get it done? How are you going to deliver that Extreme Client Care™ Sandy always talks about, ensure proper follow-up and great results when you’re not even sure where to fit the calls into your calendar?

A month goes by. . . you’re doing okay, your clients are enjoying the program, you have a new laptop and have paid down some debt.

Then “Jeanne” emails and says she’s loving the program, but has to leave for financial/personal/health reasons and you have to refund her.

What now? You spent a lot of that revenue and refunding her would put you in a tough place financially.

It’s a dilemma many entrepreneurs and small business owners face as their business starts to take off — unless you’ve put the systems in place to manage both the time and the money.

My Request To You

If you’re not yet generating the type of revenue you dream of in your business, it’s time to create a system to welcome it and let it know that “you’re ready”.

Think of the golf legend Arnold Palmer, who had his medals inlaid into a table. Each time he won one, he bore the hole for the next. . .anticipating the win before it came.

Create the system — anticipate the *win* before it comes.

Remember, part of your system needs to be how to plan for the time as well as the money. Otherwise you’ll end up stressed and exhausted and that’s no way to run a business, let alone live your life — and you didn’t go into business for yourself to be stressed and exhausted.

Wondering if all these systems and strategies are worth it? THIS is how you create leverage and profit — by anticipating success and setting yourself up for it along the way so you’re not constantly recreating the wheel. 🙂