Making the Tough Decisions in Your Business

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This weekend, my husband decided to leave the band that he’s been a part of for 4 years. As you can imagine, it was tough to do – the other band members are friends and more like family to him, to us.

There are times in your business when you need to make the tough decision to do what’s best for you, your business in the long term.

Some of those decisions can include letting go of:

• a client who doesn’t take action and so sees no results

• a team member you’ve had “the chat” with and who still doesn’t perform as needed

• a client you love to work with who never pays on time

• a coach whose program doesn’t live up to its sales page

• a program, product or service which no longer serves you and what you’re now doing

And some of those decisions can include adding:

• a budget so that you get and stay profitable – not always an easy thing to do

• creating a plan and sticking to it to see the results you dream of

• self-care, even when you feel you don’t have time for “you”, to ensure that you’re operating at your best every day

• a mentor who can drastically shorten your learning curve and show you how to avoid the mistakes commonly made

The tough decisions aren’t always “negative” or “no mores” – they can just as simply be about making a change which adds something to the business or to how you structure your day.

My Request To You

When something comes up that either doesn’t feel right, nags at you or your intuition says “do it” (or “don’t do it”) – stop what you’re doing, walk away, clear your head and check in with yourself.

Forget what anyone else would say and. . .

Keeping your “why” (WHY are you in business, what’s your ultimate goal/reason for what you do) in mind, what’s the best decision you could make for the long term success of your business?

Make the decision and then act on it.