Guru Bashing: So Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?


Off and on over the past year, a new trend has appeared: Guru Bashing.

I've sat back, agreed with some and often shook my head at other posts — especially since many of the bashers are also gurus.


Seriously…I've had enough. 

Right here, right now, I'm making (and taking) a stand.

It's not the gurus' fault, it's not the small biz owner/entrepreneur's fault. It's everyone's fault.  

We've all, collectively, let things get out of hand:

  1. Insane pricing.  Yes, it's true. . .each of us has the ability to provide information which could change someone's life, it doesn't mean that we have the "responsibility" to charge more than a car or house for the knowledge or else be considered "less than" and "lacking in abundant mindset".
  2. Paying up to $3000 (sorry, $2997) for a 2-3 day workshop which promises to change your life/business forever and which usually ends up being a huge reunion of people who were there last year. . .and the year before, theoretically learning the same life and business changing info — it's hard to blame the guru if you're eagerly forking over your credit card.
  3. Operating pyramid-style marketing models which ensure that only those paying ridiculous amounts have access to the person delivering the service (and "yes", coaching IS a service), as they eagerly share their mission of helping "thousands/millions" of women/entrepreneurs/business owners (fill in the blank).
  4. Supporting #3 above by purchasing again and again — taking out new credit cards, using savings or drawing on home equity to buy into the dream, thus rewarding this model while wondering where the 6-figure "paydays" are.
  5. Buying into the dream, living "as if" (e.g. joining outrageously-priced programs which require staying at high end resorts/hotels & having no money for implementation) so much so that today, the "here and now" is ignored and the dream lifestyle is lived while you struggle to pay the mortgage.

While we could easily fill pages with these examples, this isn't meant to be another bashing. 

It's meant to call attention to the fact that we're all collectively responsible

My request to each person who reads this post:

  • Choose your dream — not someone else's — and create a plan to achieve it.
  • Acknowledge AND accept that you have to start where you are, right now, today before you can move forward.
  • When thinking about joining a new program, attending an event, etc., give yourself time and space to consider your decision.  Find your "sweet spot" between not making an instant, emotionally-based, NLP-inspired decision and acting quickly.
  • Embrace responsibility for everything in your business, and life, – you have the ability to realize your dreams, go for them!

And, above all, know your "reason why" and let it pull you forward as you use your unique gifts to serve clients and create your lifestyle business.