Audio Acrobat

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Audio Acrobat is my resource of choice for all things "recording" – audio or video.

A web-based software, you can record a massive amount of audio and/or video for the low price of $19.95 U.S./month.

Each week, I spend about 4 minutes recording my feature article. It’s as simple as dialing a number, entering my passcode, pressing the number 1 and recording. Once done, I let one of my assistants know and she goes and "gets" the audio and places it in my ezine.

Not only do I get incredible quality when recording, they make it super simple to take that same audio "file" and place it in an email, on a web page, etc.

You can also record teleseminars, weekly inspiration for your clients, have clients call in and record their testimonials, upload your videos, etc. It’s a fabulous tool and I couldn’t recommend it more (even their support staff are fast and friendly!).

You can learn more or sign up for a f’ree 30 day trial here. . .