Get Over It Already

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It’s interesting how many of us are shy or uncomfortable about acknowledging where we are in our business (or life) because we think we *should* be further along than we are or that we don’t measure up.  

I sent an email the other day asking you — my friends, clients and readers — about the progress you’d made over a 72-hour period. I’d given you a "heads up" in last week’s ezine that I’d be checking in to see how you were doing. 

While only a few people responded publicly on my blog, several emailed their stories, excuses and reasons for not being any further along than they were before reading my article.  

(Notice the word "excuses" above and whenever an excuse pops up, ask yourself "Do I REALLY want to be a successful business owner?" and let your answer drive your action!) When asked why they emailed rather than posted their response to my blog, I received a pretty consistent answer "because I don’t want people to know this is where I am in my business" or "people think I’m successful and so I should know this".  

My initial reaction was "Get over it already!".  

You MUST accept where you are today, right at this instant, before you can move forward to where you want to be!  

You can’t move your business forward by pretending you’re somewhere further than you are. Trying to do so will result in overwhelm, chaos and, most likely, financial stress.  

Next Action Step  

Look around at others in your industry: Is there someone who’s reached the level of success you desire?  

If so, use this person as inspiration for taking action in your business.  

You don’t have to love everything about the person, just realize all they’ve accomplished and let their success motivate you into action for your own.  

It’s the trying to be something you’re not (yet!) which sucks the motivation out of you, not where you currently are in your business, so ACCEPT and then you can move forward!

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