When things don’t go as planned…

This past weekend was supposed to be one of resting and retreating – hanging out at Nauset Beach with my sister and her fiance and just enjoying the waves (they have one of those campers which go on the back of a truck and stay about 20 ft. from the waves).

We went out to dinner Thursday night…had a great time, kept it lowkey.

Then came Friday morning…I was going to go buy my new camera (thanks for your thoughts on which would be best!), finish packing for the beach and off I’d go.

I woke up with horrible chest area pains and, soon after, the vomiting started. How could this be? I was supposed to be having a resting retreat weekend on THE OCEAN — my favorite place!

Instead, I spoke with my assistant around 2:30pm who diligently typed my symptoms into the comptuer and made me call my doctor…I described the symptoms to him and it was "get to the ER…I’m calling them to let them know you’re coming".

I called my Mum and off we went…

After about 6 hours of waiting and IV drips for fluids and pain meds, I had an ultrasound and they admitted me for emergency gall bladder surgery.

Turns out it was "acutely enflamed" which means it’s now sitting in a jar on a shelf somewhere rather than in me.

I came home yesterday to the "relaxation" of 3 dogs wanting to know where mommy has been for two nights (after all, there were no suitcases packed so there was no warning) and the most fragrant flowers I’ve received in a long time — and they were for my being down a size and sent from someone who had no idea about my surgery sidetrip.

My only hope is that the gall bladder was heavy so the scale will finally move and if not from that, then the 3 days of not eating will help it along. 🙁

My postings will be a little erratic this week as I hang out and rest some. Enjoy your week!