Aweber and Others are Moving Against Some Email Addresses — Is Yours Included?

Aweber blocks emails
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Aweber blocks emailsOne of my Team Members spoke with Aweber this morning on behalf of a client.

The client had signed up for a program using her “info@” email address and wasn’t getting the emails.  Nothing she tried worked.

Aweber Support indicated that “generic” email addresses such as info@, support@, contact@, etc. are the email addresses with the highest reports of spam.  As a result, they’re no longer accepting them.

They also mentioned that this will be the way of the future and other services are following the same practice.

It’s important to note that this is on “both sides of the email”:  sender’s address and recipient’s address.  It doesn’t matter which.

If you have any email addresses with these “names”, now’s the time to start updating — before  your incoming and outgoing emails start getting blocked.

Team Clients:  Your Team Member will reach out to you with suggestions for replacement before handling.