“Best product created yet” and it’s yours free

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Happy CrowdAs more and more small business owners are leaning towards “on demand” everything (music, movies, books) to download/stream instantly, I’m noticing some changes in the way that small business owners like to learn.

The ground is shifting very quickly when it comes to education and the delivery of training materials and information.

I’m teaming up with Karyn Greenstreet and a few colleagues to discover exactly which ways you like to absorb new content, learn new skills, acquire new knowledge for your business and professional life.

We’re asking small business owners to take this quick, 2-minute survey with six easy questions — there’s no selling and it’s anonymous.

Can I ask you the favor of taking just 2 minutes from your schedule today to take our survey? Here’s where you can take it online.

Thank you for your help and I’d greatly appreciate it if you could share this survey with others in your community — just give them this link: www.EscalatorMarketingPlan.com/survey. The more people who participate, the better the data will be and that benefits us all.

Even 2 minutes is a lot when you’re busy, so we’re making it irresistible by offering you 26 practical, helpful free educational bonuses, just for completing the survey.

The gift I contributed is worth $97 and was recently described as “the best product you’ve created yet” by a client on Facebook. Take the survey at www.EscalatorMarketingPlan.com/survey to receive it today.