Business Marketing: Why Watching and Imitating Aren’t Enough

Strategic Planning
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  Recently, I received an email from one of my newsletter readers who “saw” me announce a new program without a long information (a.k.a. “sales”) page, without a preview call, without sending tens or hundreds of emails and without going gangbusters on social media and so decided to do what I did for her own program announcement.

Her result? No interest, no sign-ups. Absolutely zero.

She emailed me to share the above and to ask why she had no results when she was “doing what exactly [I was] doing”.

The answer is as simple as it is complex:

She thought she saw everything I was doing and didn’t know what she didn’t know, in addition to not knowing the circumstances which led to my selling out the program.

The lesson: It’s not enough to sit in the shadows, watch others, attempt to imitate their actions and expect the same results with your small business marketing.

You have to know the “why”, the marketing strategy, behind the actions being taken and not simply the actions themselves if you want to have any chance of realizing the same, or better, results.

My Request to You

Strive to always understand the “why” behind any action you see and are thinking about using in your business. Asking yourself that one simple question time and again will help open your mind and save you countless hours of ineffective implementation and disappointment. And if you’re not sure? It’s time to hire a mentor. Someone who’s recently been where you are and where you want to go.