Case Study: Client Retention and Reactivation

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“It’s too expensive.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

3 reasons I often hear for why business owners don’t incorporate more Extreme Client Care™ into their businesses and especially why they don’t do more, if any, client reactivation campaigns.

If you’ve ever uttered, or thought, the above, today’s case study is for you.

How $130 and 2 hours became $18,790

The Client Appreciation (Retention)/CIient Reactivation Campaign:  A Valentine’s mailing for anyone who had been a paying client within the previous 18 months.

I sent out about 149 Valentine’s Day cards, most with a pack of mini M&Ms in them: 102 went to active clients 47 went to inactive (or former) clients.

Behind the Scenes:

While picking up a Valentine’s Card for DH (darling hubby) and my Mum in Target, I saw these kids’ cards.  You know, the type where you purchase 30 for the classroom for about $4.  That’s where I got the idea that it’d be fun to send out these cards to recent clients.  I bought 5 sets, so $20 for 150 cards.

And since I know the value of “lumpy” mail, I picked up mini M&Ms to add to the packet (5 bags at $3.49 ea = $17.45).

We pulled a list of everyone who’s been a paying client over the past 18 months (regardless of current status), sorted to have most recent clients at the top and created labels for the first 150.  I then hand-signed each card and stuffed into envelope with the M&Ms while watching a movie.

DH took one to the post office, discovered that it was “not machinable” and so would cost an extra $0.20 surcharge per envelope.  Total postage cost = about $90 (we ran out of M&Ms so not everyone got one).

Total cost was less than $130 to touch roughly 150 people offline in a way which, I hope, made them smile and remember a time when they were young.

I was happy to do it, it didn’t feel like “work” and I was filled with gratitude when doing each one as these same clients were responsible for us having our best year ever despite the economy.

Results of Client Appreciation/Client Reactivation Campaign:

Emails started coming in and generally asked one of the below questions:

  • “You weren’t selling anything. Why waste your money?”
  • “I received a child’s Valentine’s Day card from you and am not sure why.”
  • “I wish my business could afford to do something like that.  What did you do to get where you are today?”

The above answers the first 2 bullets, as for the 3rd

It’s by doing things like this that my business is where it is.  It’s Extreme Client Care™, treating your clients better than they expect and surprising them whenever possible.

Of those 47 inactive clients, 32 reactivated generating $18,790 to-date:

  • 16 joined our Get It Done Right Community and continue to be active members
  • 9 joined the next group program offered
  • 6 upgraded to our Escalate! Community and continue to be active members
  • 4 invested in private mentoring

* Note that the numbers do not total 32 as several invested in more than one option.  Also, please note that the 102 clients who were active at the time of the mailing are not part of these calculations.

Was it worth it?  Absolutely! Your clients choose to stay with you longer, you can better serve them and, as a result, they become raving fans. A win/win for all.

Not sure how to put together your own Client Appreciation/Retention or Client Reactivation strategy?