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Likeable Social Media book
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Likeable Social Media bookSocial media can be more than a time suck, it can also be a smart business builder.

Take the book Likeable Social Media: How To Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (and other social networks) by Dave Kerpen as an example.

The book begins by sending you to his website to get new e-books on Pinterest, Instagram and more– after you opt-in of course (see left).

Note that you haven’t even read the first book chapter yet and he’s asking for your opt-in info – given that this is a “book book” (not an e-book), the thought is that value’s been established or else you wouldn’t have bought it.

This same approach can be used for anything physical that you sell or if you offer e-books as part of giveaways and other items that are sold on Amazon, eBay, Craig’s List, etc.

The point is to bring people back to your website.

Note that you don’t need to, and Extreme Client Care™ practices would mean that you should not, always require an opt-in.

Offer value for free, available to anyone who visits your page/site.

Then offer additional, complementary value for the opt-in.

This approach works well with social media, especially Facebook advertising (paid and regular posts).

Remembering that likes, follows and +’s don’t equate to revenue; your goal (as always) is to provide value – enough value to have them wanting more.

Wanting it enough to stop what they’re doing (put down their book & pick up tablet, stop surfing Facebook, etc.).