Dear Sandy: Not sure what I can offer

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Dear Sandy,

I’ve been told repeatedly that I need an email list. I don’t feel that I have any special information to offer to a prospective client in the way of a newsletter or special report, so how can I get started with gathering email addresses without something to offer them in exchange?

— Not sure what I can offer

Dear "Not sure what I can offer",

Not knowing what business or industry you’re in, my response will be pretty general.  I’m certain that there is SOMETHING you can either write a report about or create a template or checklist for.

As an example, one of my previous clients is a painter — as in painting residential homes (inside and out).  We came up with a checklist of things to know/ask before you hire your next painter.

Doing that one thing set him apart from the competition as he is "pro-consumer" as opposed to "hire me, I’ll give you a discount price".

By creating a giveaway that your clients can actually use in some way (sample recipes or recipe cards from a chef, a budget template from a bookkeeper, etc.), you’ll get a lot more QUALIFIED people on your list and those people will want to hear from you again and again.

Your newsletter can simply be tips and checklists of items or lessons learned — it doesn’t have to be long articles.

We’ll be delving more into creating ezines and building a qualified list during my next Online Business Builder Mentoring Program — if this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can sign up for advance notice and special bonuses at

In full and unwavering support of you,

Sandy 🙂