Defining Your Best Customer

client binder
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Many define their “best” customers as the “big ticket” customers — those who buy the biggest programs, products and services.
And, assuming all things are equal, clients who do the work, see results (as a result of doing the work ) and invest in your higher-priced programs, products and services are great.
That established, who else may be a “best” customer for you?
In thinking about your audience/your community/your email list:
  • Who are you best able to serve on an ongoing basis?
  • Who are willing, and able, to pay for that support at a lower level?
  • What’s the smallest way you can offer ongoing value to the above segment of your audience?
It’s takes an investment of time, energy, effort and money to attract someone to your community (a.k.a. “list”), even more for them to become a paying client.
As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to support your clients, to deepen the relationship by providing value, more value and even more value worth paying for.