Earned Customer Interactions and Human Nature

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albert-einstein-quotes-insanity with captionLast week we started talking about maximizing “mobile blinders” and the 3 types of customer interactions. (Click here to read if you missed.)

Of those 3 types, aside from sales, one is more prized than all the rest. Those are “earned”:

Your audience shares, posts, comments on your owned or bought media. Nielsen Brand Effect Studies have proven that earned media produces 4x the impact on brand lift* compared to paid media.

While it’s true that savvy business owners want a mix of all 3 types of interactions, most of us desire more traction, more “Earned” interactions. Here’s how to get them:

Comment on social media profiles that your audience is following. Get your name out in as many ways as possible.  This includes others’ Facebook personal pages, business pages, groups, LinkedIn updates/groups, retweeting others on Twitter, etc.  The goal is to be seen even if someone isn’t yet on your profile.

You can hire a portion (not all!) of this out or use YOUR “captive” time to do the same.  Whenever you find yourself in line or waiting, hop out to your clients’ and customers’ most active social media platforms and like, share, comment away.

This is addition to your owned and paid interactions (see last week’s article for a refresher).

You’re likely nodding your head, “this makes sense” you’re thinking, but will you take action?  Will you do the work?

Therein lies the difference between those achieving their goals and those struggling.

Reality Check – Relates to You and Your Clients

Your clients, customers and patients want fabulous results.  Whether it’s business profits, health and wellness, a gorgeous home, recurring revenue, etc.

You want the same for your goals.

The issue? 

People don’t want to implement big changes to get desired results.

Read that again.

They want to do it in the same way that they’ve done it before and get different, and better, results.

This despite Einstein’s quote that insanity is the definition of doing something over and over again and expecting different results.

As a successful business owner, your job is to provide products and services that bring different results or abilities for your clients, customers and patients while asking them to change their behavior the least.

How can you make it easy or accommodate them? (Note that this is also the essence of Extreme Client Care™.)

The simplest way is to incorporate systems, tools, templates and done-for-you items into your programs, products and services.  Make it as easy as possible understanding that people want results more than information (marketing giant GKIC is doing this here).

While we all want to sit on the couch, binge watching Netflix eating chips and ice cream and have the health of a triathalete, it’s not going to happen.  Neither is ignoring human nature and those things competing for your customer’s attention and expecting your bank account to increase.

Questions? Comments? Please share below in the comments section.

*  It’s important to note that “brand lift” by itself isn’t worth a penny. It’s what you do with that brand lift and the marketing systems you have in place to optimize it that matters.