Escalator Marketing: The What and How


escalatormarketingA recent article describing 3 types of marketing left out a big one – Escalator Marketing™, and I thank Maryann, Jane, Louise and Sarah for sending emails asking why it was excluded as they wanted more of a definition (you can check out last week’s article here).

You see, I don’t necessarily think of it as a “type” of marketing so much as a complete way of doing business.  It’s like an umbrella over the business if you will.

Escalator Marketing™ defined:

Escalator Marketing™ encompasses the tenets of attraction marketing combined with direct response, all wrapped up in Extreme Client Care™.

It goes well beyond “just” marketing to include every interaction with prospective clients, clients and customers and even former clients.

  • From how you welcome them into your business (landing page, squeeze page, what you’re wearing to a networking meeting and how it represents your brand) to
  • how you serve them (with a smile, anticipating their needs, promptly, remembering to thank them for their business) to
  • how you remember them (cards, notes, incentives, etc.) and
  • how you say “goodbye for now” when they no longer need your services or otherwise part ways with your business.

And, just as importantly as everything above, Escalator Marketing™ has an assumption inherent in it.  It assumes that every client will be a repeat client and so you should have programs, products and services ready for their next step.

Using this base philosophy, we’ve maintained a 93% client retention rate for over 18 months with no long-term contracts.  It comes down to understanding your clients, what they’re looking for and finding a way to service that need.

In a recent study, Monetate® surveyed over 800 marketers and 94% agree that they want to deliver a winning client experience and yet only 4% believe they do.  Wow…how sad is that?

Often, the thought is that delivering that winning experience is someone else’s responsibility.  Fact is, every department, every role, every system plays a part in a client’s care.

Small businesses have an opportunity, and I’d argue responsibility, to fully integrate Extreme Client Care™ (aka “winning experiences”) throughout their entire business, marketing and processes in order to ensure not only their survival, but also their growth.

Escalator Marketing™ is where they all meet.

Join me for a complimentary training on how to incorporate Escalator Marketing™ in your business.  This training is perfect if things feel harder than they should, you’re not seeing the results you’ve been seeking or you’re just not “in the flow” and don’t understand why.

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