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Paulette Ensign
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Paulette EnsignThe following is a guest post from Paulette Ensign.

Almost every week people ask my long-time colleague Paulette Ensign if “how-to” tips booklets are still viable as a product – either for marketing a business, selling as a stand-alone product, or both, especially with so much happening now online with social media.

Her answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, in many ways she says it’s more viable than ever.

Whether it’s your first product, your next product, an entire product line, online, or offline, you can create it now, in a few short days not weeks or months – faster and more easily. And it’s ready for sale and distribution sooner than you’ve ever imagined.

What if you could quickly, easily, and inexpensively create an info product from what you already know – a proven product that puts thousands of new dollars into your bank account now and for years to come and markets your business at the same time?

You’d jump at it, wouldn’t you?

Because of all of this plus personally knowing the long-term results and quality of her work, I am happy to share with you something Paulette is offering so you, too, can benefit from it.

After repeatedly hearing these questions about tips booklets, Paulette has crafted a course of four 60-minute hype-free, content-rich live audio sessions. They bring you specific ideas, approaches, and road maps you can do now, today, this week, depending on where you are on your journey and what next steps matter most to you. The answers are readily adaptable for your unique needs. Everything she is teaching you in these classes has been done successfully by her, her students/clients, or both! Practical and real stuff you can take to the bank, showing you opportunities that you may have unnecessarily overlooked.

In this 4-session teleclass course, you’ll:

  • Learn more by spending less – this is ¼ the cost of her private consulting.
  • Interact during and after the call for input, referrals, partner potential.
  • Experience a plain simple English approach to revenue-generating concepts.
  • Have time to absorb and implement ideas with every-other-week schedule.
  • Continue referencing the sessions through the audio recordings.

Learn more at  Booklets and Beyond – Making More Money Today Online and Offline