3 Types of Marketing: Which 1, or 2, best describes your business

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dodgeball2A recent topic of conversation at a retreat I held in Martha’s Vineyard, and one I thought you would enjoy, is the difference between “push”, “pursuit” and “attraction” marketing.  And how, in a primarily-virtual business, you can’t help but use at least two of the three.

Let’s start with a definition and example of each:

Push Marketing:

Some definitions are better shared as “imagine this”.  This is one of those.  You walk into a networking event and “Bob” corners you and “pushes” his business card in your hands even as you try to get away.  He will not be deterred.

Businesses which are primarily virtual (aka “online”) often do this by sending you promotion after promotion (push, push, push into your inbox) with very little content/helpful information.  It’s a tactic, a poor one in my opinion, but one nevertheless of many affiliate marketers.

Pursuit Marketing:

You walk into a store and the salesclerk follows you about constantly asking if she may be of service.  You feel pursued as she’s popping up around every corner.  Same scenario happens at many car dealerships.

In the online world: Some business coaches advocate calling everyone on your list/in your community and inviting them to work with you.  It’s another form of “pursuit” where you end up chasing after clients and, more often than not, the person pursued leaves with a poor impression of the pursuer.

Attraction Marketing:

The business everyone wants to own.  Clients and customers seek you out.  They want what you’re offering and “fit” is more important than price.

Implementing the tools of attraction marketing make you the welcome, dare-I-say-it even anticipated email in the inbox, the welcome post on social media and the business which remains top of mind when your ideal client is ready to purchase.

Above I mention that primarily virtual, or online-based, businesses can’t help but use at least two of the above.  One of them is “push” – after all, you’re largely communicating via email and perhaps social media advertising.

The other is up to you.  My recommendation is that you focus on building attraction tools, or marketing assets, that serve you online and offline, and well into the future.

And if you have any questions about the type of marketing you’re doing or would like to share stories of past experiences, please leave a comment below.