He Tore Apart My Website Home Page


bridge-fullRecently I learned that the top of my website home page was reviewed on video by one of the big gurus.

After poking some fun at my name, understandably, he went on to rip apart the portion he reviewed.


Well, sorta.  In all the emails sent out, he referred to “website reviews”, not “reviewing very top section only without regard for rest of site”.  That said, it is the very top which catches our attention. . .or not.

So, after turning beet red as I listened to him, I put aside all feelings of ownership and reviewed the top portion as an outsider, a stranger to the site and to the business.

It was then that I saw he was right.  Changes needed to be made.  And, within 10 minutes of my seeing that video, changes were made.

Why am I sharing this?  After all, it doesn’t showcase my website in the best light.

The lesson, for me and I hope for you, is to embrace criticism and ask:

  • What’s my takeaway?
  • How can I improve things?

And then immediately implement your findings/decisions.

To follow-up on the review, we’ve since had other people who saw the video state “I don’t know what he’s talking about, I totally get it”.

Reason?  They’re looking at the updated site.

Now while our sites aren’t reviewed every day, our customers and clients tell us what’s working, and not, in their communications, their purchases, their referrals. . .or lack of each.

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