How to Help Improve Your Mindset

Attitude/Mindset Concept
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Attitude/Mindset ConceptSo many talk about mindset and the importance of maintaining a good, positive mindset in order to attract the things you wish into your life.

What if we were to help our mindset along?

There’s affirmations, gratitude journals, self-help books, mindset experts and all have their place. . .but have you considered your subconscious and your environment and the role they play in helping you achieve your goals?

Let’s look at a typical coach’s/consultant’s week:

  • As part of your business, you put out a “not-so-weekly” weekly client communication/newsletter.  Or perhaps it is truly weekly and you’re spending more time on it than you wish;
  • you have a variety of calls to make/receive and feel a bit behind before they even start as you haven’t finished your earlier tasks;
  • there’s the admin functions of bookkeeping, delegating, scheduling, email responding, etc.;
  • marketing functions like social media in addition to your client communications above;
  • and, of course, product/program development which you try to fit in.

And with getting all of this done and being there for your friends/family, you’re doing your best to stay on top of things and out of overwhelm.

What if it could be easier?

  • Imagine walking into your office, sitting down and knocking out your client communication in 20-30 minutes;
  • Then taking a break, grabbing your files/notes and, prepared for every call, serving each client as if she was the only one, giving her your full attention and still ending each call on time;
  • Another break and then an hour spent focused on your next program, product or perhaps that book you’ve been meaning to get to. . .

You get the idea.

Doable?  Absolutely when we help our subconscious and mindset along by setting up cues.

Some cues to consider setting up:

  • Have a routine.  Wake up and begin your day the same way each morning.
  • Plan your day the afternoon/night before so your subconscious can be working on things while you’re doing other things/sleeping.  For example, I jotted a few thoughts about this article down and the next morning, sat down and wrote it in about 15 minutes.
  • Go a step further than planning and try “scripting” each day.  I’ve been experimenting with it and love the results.  “Scripting” means you not only have an action list/plan, you also list how long each thing will take and schedule it.  Remembering that “nature abhors a vacuum”, don’t provide one.
  • Set your environment up to support you.  For example, I have an “admin box” where all admin things go and when it’s time for me to work on admin stuff, I grab the box (which has pen, checkbook, stamps, notecards, etc. as part of it) and my laptop and go sit at the kitchen table.
  • Acknowledging that different tasks use different parts of your brain, set aside different areas to do them (such as writing at your desk, admin at your kitchen table, phone calls from a comfy chair, etc.).  Let the environment cue your subconscious that it’s time to focus on “x”.

The result? 

You’re suddenly getting much more accomplished in a lot less time, all while feeling less stressed about it.  It’s a lot easier to maintain and positive mindset when things are happening.

Give it a try for 21 days (the amount of time it takes to create a new habit) and let me know how it works for you.