How to “Pandora” Your Business

PandoraThis morning, while chopping summer squash and zucchini for a primavera sauce, I was listening to Pandora.

If you aren’t familiar with Pandora, it’s an app for your phone/tablet which allows you to create your own radio stations.  You enter in a song or artist and it finds others it views as similar.  You then “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” each song as it comes on.

Those you “thumbs down” you never see again and it uses those you “thumbs up” to further refine its future suggestions.

Pandora “learns” your style, your preferences and gets better and better at recommending songs for you. 

We’re each different, while you and I may love the same music genre, or even artist, we’ll have our personal favorites within that.

And that’s what we’ve done with our upcoming Program:

  • There’s an “under $80” version if you’re looking to figure out why things aren’t going as planned and what to do about it during our virtual day.
  • There’s an “under $500” version (which includes the “under $80” option) if you’re ready to finally make things happen, including streamlining and processes, while knowing exactly what you’ll be offering when, and how to market it for optimal response and stay home while doing it all.
  • And there’s an option which includes all of the above and where I personally support you as part of a 1-day workshop in Los Angeles on October 25th (also under $500).

and that’s one of the things we’ll be doing together:  “How to ‘Pandora’ your business” as we lay out your upcoming year from programs to products to promotions, communications and nurturing.

You see, it’s not about creating blueprints.  It’s about creating a framework, a process within which your clients are nurtured, your business is steadily growing and your lifestyle is as you wish.

The more you use Pandora, the more you love it.  You don’t want to go anywhere except Pandora as “she” knows you best.  Are you ready to become “Pandora” for your clients?