How Well Do You Communicate?

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There is so much competition in most industries these
days that a well-defined communications plan can easily make or break
your business.

A bit harsh?  I don’t think so.

Chances are,
you’ve left a voicemail or an email for a business and never heard back
or you received a response weeks later. What type of impression did you
form of that business?

Or there’s the business which WOW’d you on Day 1 and forgot your name the day you became a paying client.

Savvy business owners have a marketing plan which includes a well-defined communications plan.

A communications plan defines the different ways your business "speaks" to its clients and prospects:

  • Email (Do you use an email signature?)
  • Voicemail
  • Email Newsletter (Is it sent out consistently and does it have a theme?)
  • Print Newsletter
  • Website (Does it focus on you or your visitors?)
  • Brochure/Free Giveaway (such as my audio series)

The plan defines not only the "how", but also the "when" and the "what".

If you say your ezine is "weekly", it needs to go out weekly, not biweekly or monthly.

once you’ve determined your marketing message – your "unique selling
proposition" – that "thing" which makes you different from everyone
else, you must consistently communicate it through the "hows" in your
communications plan.

Your Coaching Challenge

your new in business or been around for a while, look at all the ways
your business (you, your virtual assistants, etc.) "touches" or speaks
to clients and prospects.

The sum of all these touches equals
your communications. Do you have a plan? Are you consistent? Or are
your conversations and writings haphazard with one client’s experience
drastically different from another’s?

Make a list of all the
things which need attention and then ask your assistants if they see
anything which could be improved up. And don’t forget to ask your
clients what you could be doing better.

The result will be a much
smoother running business with more satisfied clients and larger
conversions of prospects to clients. Always a good thing.

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