Eric Lindell, fresh from the Conan O’Brien show and a Lesson in Repurposing

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DH (darling hubby) and I went out with a few members of his band the other night and saw a PHENOMENAL performance by Eric Lindell and his band.  They were on the Conan O’Brien show the night before and the crowd was really pumped up.

I had never heard them before and instantly fell in love with their New Orleans bluesy style of rock and soul — most of their songs are original and it’s amazing to watch a group who so obviously love what they do. I’m mentioning this for two reasons…

1. The location of the concert was The Narrows in Fall River, Mass.  The Narrows is a converted (a.k.a. "repurposed/repackaged") waterfront mill building which now serves as a non-profit center for art and performances.  What a beautiful job they did in repurposing an otherwise cold and empty building by adding plants, stenciling and other neat effects!

There were several artist shops (all open with the artists creating) in addition to the performance area which seated 280 in church-style pews — all with great views of the band and incredible acoustics. 

2. Always be prepared.  I had brought my camera "just in case" I could get a shot with Eric Lindell.  I took several photos of the band playing (see below) and was lucky enough to grab him on his way to the men’s room (gotta be enterprising!).  My DH took the shot only to later learn that my batteries were 90% dead by that point so we have a blurry picture of his and my head (shown below as a lesson to all).  You can bet there are now extra batteries in my purse!

Takeaway lessons…

1. When thinking of your business and how to repurpose/repackage your work, keep an open mind.  Don’t simply think outside the box, remove the box altogether.

2. When you are doing what you love, people can’t help but be awed by you.  Your entire being and energy changes.

3. Always have extra batteries or some other type of backup.  🙂 

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