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There are several ways achieve success in business, any business — whether brick and mortar on Main Street or virtual from your home.

Rarely, however, is there a single, solitary “right” way.

Lately I’m hearing that various strategies “no longer work” and we need to invest $X to learn what does work.


Reality is, that when done completely, when the strategy is fully executed and the process followed, the strategies work.  When done half-assed, beginning all gung-ho and faltering half-way through before momentum and critical mass are reached, they fail — whether we’re talking about business or life.

Consistency.  Be consistent and you’ll achieve results.  As I’ve said for years:

“Ordinary things, when done consistently, create extraordinary and consistent results.”

Recently a client shared some info from a business coach that stated a strategy I was advocating no longer worked and to join a call/program to discover what does.

I disagreed.  Asked the client to continue with the path we had laid out.  Result?  By doing about 85% of the process outlined, the client doubled her list (with new members focused on her niche) within about 3 weeks.

This is one of several examples about how creating a real plan (not simply “pie in the sky”, “I’ll do this then and that then” with nothing to back up the goals) using proven strategies creates real results:

  • Easy?  Sometimes.  Not always.
  • Exciting?  Sometimes.  Sometimes it’s tedious.
  • Results-oriented?  Absolutely.

Am I saying that we should never try anything new?  Of course not.

What I am saying is that we shouldn’t abandon what works in the hopes that something new will be the magic pill.  Regardless of the strategy, it’s going to require focus and dedication to the full process.  It’s sexy for about 10 minutes. . . and then the work begins.

Try new strategies, I do all the time.  Just don’t leave the proven ones behind while you’re testing the new ones.

My Request to You

Be open to opportunity.  Pay attention to changing trends.  Don’t forsake what works for what may work.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

A smart business owner tests, tweaks and tests again finding that ideal mix of which strategies work for their industry and their personality.

A want/need-it-to-work-now business owner often stops one yard short of their destination, never knowing how close they were.

A how-can-I-make-as-much-as-possible-with-as-little-effort-as-possible business owner flutters about from strategy to strategy wondering why nothing is working.

Which are you?  Which do you need to be to accomplish your life and business goals?