If you’re doing this, reform or lose your list!

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It’s rare that something bugs me enough to warn others NOT to do it, but this is a special case.

I just received a "newsletter" from a small business owner.  Her "newsletters" come roughly once a week (honestly, I’ve never paid enough attention to be sure that IS the frequency) and NOT ONE of them has ever been something other than a promotion for her products, her teleseminars, her membership sites, etc. 

I’ve stayed on her list for about 6 months now out of sheer curiousity if there will EVER be actual content provided.  Needless to say, I have since unsubscribed.

Sending out solo emails promoting something you’re doing is perfectly acceptable provided it’s done tastefully and within reason (meaning not every day).

However, it is your (and my) responsibility to insure that we also provide VALUABLE CONTENT to those on our list.

If you are sending more promotions than content/value, perhaps it’s time to reform.  Otherwise you’ll find you’re getting a lot of well-deserved "unsubscribes".

My 2 cents…