Improving virtual attendee experience while increasing engagement

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While helping a client prepare for an upcoming f.r.e.e. virtual event they’re hosting, we discussed how to really WOW attendees — a combination of people on their email list, paying clients and new-to-them businesses.

There are several things they could do, many of which would drive up the cost of hosting the event with no guarantee or a return on investment.

A solution with a big impact tweak that can serve them in the future? Especially for those who can’t join live and will watch the recordings?

Create a digital, type-able handout/workbook that’s not an “ink hog” to print and that hyperlinks to additional trainings/blog posts/courses where appropriate to go deeper into specific content.

For example, if an event session is on “How to determine your break-even on a new program”, there could be a section in the handout/workbook that hyperlinks to a blog post which includes a link to a Google® sheet template and an embedded YouTube® video showing you how to use.

And, for each of those trainings and courses that are paid, the link goes to the sign-in page (say on your membership platform like Kajabi or WishList Member) which has a login button for those who already invested and a simple “Join Us Here” link to the information/sales page for those who haven’t.

It’s a trifecta:

  • more value for attendees as they go through the handout/workbook during the event and additional helpful info to dive deeper on specific topics,
  • you become known for being helpful and of service to your audience,
  • you encourage program engagement from existing clients of things they may have forgotten were there,
  • and bonus… you’ll likely make more sales. 🙂