Integrity – What it is and why it matters

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Portrait of a young thoughtful businesswoman in office, with her colleagues in background
Portrait of a young thoughtful businesswoman in office, with her colleagues in background

So many business owners and entrepreneurs talk about “integrity” and what it means.

In my opinion, there’s more talk than there is adherence to what I consider the basics of “being in integrity”.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. After a program closes (for whatever reason – date, number of members, etc.), do you keep offering it or let people in?  In my opinion, “no” – to do so puts you out of integrity with your information page and will *tell* the other members that you can’t be trusted to do what you say you will.  After all, it all comes down to trust.
  2. Do you give testimonials that aren’t deserved?  I received a great testimonial from someone whose event I spoke at.  A colleague who had a tough time in his presentation received the same great testimonial.  That testimonial has been taken off my site as it’s automatically discounted by the testimonial she wrote my colleague.
  3. Then there’s the online business owner who recently promoted that there were only X number of a physical product available so “get it before we run out”. Subsequent emails trying to get us to buy and showing how many more were sold (plus other calls the business owner had pitching the product), added up to almost double the original “get ’em before we’re sold out” quantity.
  4. And there are those who believe it’s okay to “pretend” until they achieve a certain goal – the concern here is that others are investing in them believing that goal has been reached and all the challenges that came were surmounted.

The issue for me — aside from the blatant untruths — is that these business owners, like so many others out there, preach and teach the concept of integrity.  It’s become a case of “do what I say, not what I do”.

So what does “integrity” mean anyway?

According to, “integrity” is:

  1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
  2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the intetrity of the empire.
  3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.

Looking at the first definition only and then PAYING ATTENTION to several online businesses, I have to ask, has the definition changed?  Is it now a matter of “integrity when convenient”?

I hope not.  It’s not how I run my business and I pray it’s not how you run yours.

In addition to everything I share above, I believe the Universe supports us in our integrity and “waits” for us when needed:

  • If you’re overwhelmed and not delivering for current clients, new clients won’t be showing up
  • If you have “money messes” that you’re not cleaning up, new money isn’t going to appear

On the other hand:

  • If you’re serving your current clients and taking consistent action to move your business forward and show (not just “say”) that you’re ready, new clients will appear
  • If you’re paying attention to your money, doing what you can to clean up anything that needs cleaning up, you’re showing that you’re ready to receive more and more will come