Internet Marketer or Online Business

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While internet marketers have online businesses, not all online businesses consider themselves internet marketers.

I was recently introduced as an "internet marketer" and was surprised at the immediate feeling of "oh no, not me" that welled up inside.

Before I ask whether you think of yourself as being an "internet marketer" or having an "online business", let me share the definitions as I see them:

An internet marketer appears to focus first and foremost on the money — how much can he earn and how quickly?  He tends to send lots of emails and is always promoting something, whether his product or an affiliate's.

To me, internet marketers include the people who are using funky testimonials, who promote themselves as being of the highest integrity while being misleading during promotional launches, etc.

Not that all internet marketers use questionable techniques by any means, many are very up front about their strategies and charge thousands of dollars to teach them to others.

I was on a webinar last week and the person presenting said, to paraphrase: "I don't worry about bills or expenses, every time one comes in, I send an email promoting something and in comes the money."

There was nothing about quality or relatonships, it was all about milking his list.

I stayed on the webinar to see if I'd hear anything which would make me feel differently about him or his techniques, I'm sad to say I didn't and immediately unsubscribed afterwards.

An online business on the other hand is a business which maintains an online presence and uses internet technology to assist in the running of the business.

Online businesses are certainly "in it" to be successful and make a profit, but not at the expense of building good relationships and providing quality.

The online businesses I work with truly want to make an impact (and a profit) and help their clients, in whatever ways their gifts allow.

So in planning your business for the upcoming year, which are you focused on: being an internet marketer or building an online business?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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Remember, there are no absolutes — there are internet marketers who are of the utmost integrity and online business owners who use questionable strategies to make a sale.