Is it time to hire yourself?

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Have you heard the story about the cobbler whose children had no shoes? Or the auto mechanic whose cars desperately needed attention?

The same is true for business owners.

We’re often SO caught up in caring for our clients and managing the day-to-day of our businesses, that we can neglect to give our business the same care we would a paying client.

After my recent private client retreat, I realized that while I certainly have written plans and goals for my business and systems in place so that things operate more efficient- and effectively, it’s been a while since I’ve taken my business through the “break it down, build it up” process we went through.

And so I hired myself.

I stayed an extra day (always good to do this outside of your normal working environment and all it’s built-in distractions) and took my business through the process we went through for my client.

The result?

A heck of a lot more clarity about what I want, what I don’t want and how the different pieces of my business (Coach/Mentor Sandy, Team Sandy, Social Networking Done 4 You, information products, etc.) fit together — for the long term.

Make It Real: My Request to You

Look at what you do for your clients. What are you known for?

For me, it’s strategic marketing, how-to’s, “getting the RIGHT things done at the right time”, Done 4 You programs, etc. — it’s a whole list of things which boil down to “Business Optimization”.

What is it for you? Take all the pieces and, when looked at as a whole, what do they equal?

Now look at YOUR business — not your offerings, but your business as an entity.

Could it benefit from what you do? If so, it’s time to hire yourself.

Take your business through your highest level program or service and treat it just as you would any paying client.
After all, your business should have the nicest “shoes” or be the best running “vehicle” around, shouldn’t it?