Lessons Learned from a Mastermind Group

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If you were a fly on the wall during a powerful
mastermind meeting, you’d quickly realize how the sooner you learn the
following lessons, the faster your business will grow.

Knowing and implementing the following business lessons will exponentially propel your business forward:

1. Maintain focus.

simple as this sounds, one of the primary reasons for small business
failure is a lack of focus on those items which will propel the
business forward.

The most simplest, and best, advice I can give you with respect to this is to create a plan and work the plan.
Make changes to the plan as necessary, but always work the plan —
otherwise you become susceptible to "bright shiny object syndrome" and
nothing gets done.

2. Learn your numbers.

Not knowing your business’ numbers ranks right up there with lack of focus as a primary reason for small business failure.

business owners and entrepreneurs are often afraid to take a close look
at their financials and it’s this fear of the unknown which allows
things to get out of control. No matter how good, or how bad, your
numbers are, you need to know what they are in order to move forward.

3. Have a mentor.

can’t urge you enough to find a mentor, hire a coach or otherwise find
someone to whom you become accountable. Family and friends mean well,
but will not push you to stay on track.

I currently have two
coaches and belong to two Mastermind programs which consistently pull
me forward. My business would never have grown as quickly as it has,
and continues to grow, without the support and feedback of these groups.

Your Coaching Challenge

I challenge you to pick one of the three lessons above and implement it within the month.

time to create a plan for your business, learn your numbers or hire a
coach. Once done, pick another of the three for November and then the
last for December.

This will insure your business is positioned for success come 2008.

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