Looking for more revenue? Peel away the layers and know what you do at a core level!

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I’ve been inundated lately with people wanting me to be a guest on teleseminars, in telesummits, to provide a bonus for their products, etc. and it’s required me to take a good look at what exactly I do and what fits within my expertise and what doesn’t.

While often known as the person to go to for “marketing systems” or “strategic marketing”, when you strip everything else away, what I truly do is maximize productivity and profits.

Every client attraction, retention or follow-up system, every action plan, every coaching call is designed to maximize productivity while further maximizing profits.

So let me ask you. . .What *exactly* do you do?

When you strip away all the terms and all the nice-to-haves, what is it you do?

I heard a story once of a home security system installer who, when faced with a downturn in installations, had to figure out how his business would make money.

So he sat and thought about it a bit and realized that he wasn’t a “home security system installer” at all, he was a guy who ran wires in people’s homes.

Once he stripped away everything, he ran wires. . .period.

And because that’s what he did, he was no longer limited by “home security systems” and was able to branch into “home theaters” and other streams of revenue that never before occurred to him when he labeled himself as a “home security system” installer.

Now let me ask you again. . .What *exactly* do you do?

You’re not a feng shui consultant, a visibility maven, a “queen” of X, a resume writer, a marketing coach, etc. — these aren’t things you “do”, these are labels you’ve taken on.

In determining where the greatest opportunity exists for creating new revenue streams, or tapping previously ignored ones, you need to know, at a core level, what you do.

Making It Real — My Request to You

It can be tough to determine what you do at the most basic level. We spend a lifetime piling all these descriptive words on and then on some more, that it’s hard to determine the true essence of something.

Look at the results you get for your clients.

End of the day, what do they walk away with?

I could list a ton of things here, but that would make it too easy for you to pick and choose what you WANT your clients to get. Instead, I want you to do the business soul searching it takes to determine exactly what concrete results your clients get.

And before I’m inundated with emails. . .I DO consider increased self-care and joy to be concrete results — it’s not always about the numbers! 🙂

There’s less than 115 days left in 2009. What specific steps are you taking to ensure you’re fully participating in this New Economy by getting your talents and passion in front of as many people as possible, and then converting those who resonate into your ideal clients?

If you’re not sure what to do and would like some help, I invite you to learn more about a strategy session with me.