When “Good” is NOT Good Enough

Today's the first day of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge (Are you in?  If not, click 30 Day Blogging Challenge to learn more and sign up) and I wanted to share some simple math for entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry you're in:

If time = money, then inefficiency = throwing money out the window



Another fact…

This is true regardless of the state of the economy.

There are several specific subjects related to productivity that we could cover here, but I'm going to focus on one:


  • Is your website/blogsite/social networking/ezine/teleseminar/information (sales) page/etc. converting your ideal clients from window shoppers to avid fans of you and your business?
  • When you send out a teleseminar announcement, are people signing up?
  • When you launch a new product, is anyone purchasing it?
  • When you post on your blog or tweet, are people signing up for your ezine or RSS feeds?

If so, great?  How can you improve your stats?  Because this is one place where good is NOT good enough.

If not, it's past time to kick things up a notch.

The tendency is to "set it and forget it" with websites, blogs, information (sales) page formats, etc. — thinking that what you did yesterday is good enough for today, tomorrow and forevermore.

The truth however is that you must be forever vigilant, updating your profiles, ezines and sites as appropriate and discovering new ways to provide your ideal clients with information and service which far exceeds their expectations.