Making Extreme Client Care™ Tangible

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You’ve heard the saying “the devil is in the details” — so true, and the same is true of Extreme Client Care™. 

It’s the little things that matter, the little hinges that swing big doors to paraphrase another well-known saying.

Sayings are great, but what does that look like in reality?

  • Sending out a birthday card (that, in itself, is a novelty these days!), did you know the post office has Happy Birthday stamps you can use?
  • We have some organizational clients who want their invoices mailed (via USPS), we always include two copies to save them making one, a handwritten “Thank you!” on the invoice that’s written in one of our brand colors.
  • When we send dry-erase posters (yours is on its way Sherry in Canada!), we include a link to an e-book to go deeper as well as a dry-erase marker and four push pins to put it up if you wish.
  • Oh yeah… that dry-erase poster doesn’t cost you a penny — we cover postage.

The above are all snail mail items — after all, so few actually mail things these days that the very act puts you above the competition.

Here are some simple ways to stand out online:

  • Segment your list so you’re not sending clients offers they’ve already bought — this is one of my huge pet peeves and I’ve cancelled programs as a result of getting sales offers for something I’ve already bought.

    And, before you wonder, yes… I reached out to the host and was told “we can’t” segment. I can see which CRM they use and call BS. They’re either lazy or don’t know how and one of those is easily fixable.
  • Have a new giveaway? Send it to your list. Do not make them opt-in for it — you can easily track the click to download it so you can segment in the future and gauge interest on the topic. 
  • Be generous with your clients. Some things we do:
    • Every private client receives our membership program as a bonus.  
    • Every Get It Done Right (GIDR) member receives a “Monday Memo” — a 1-to-4-minute audio from me on whatever.
    • Our GIDR Q&A Calls (and appropriate Training Calls) are added to a private podcast so members can listen when and where is convenient for them.
    • Send out a monthly summary email of all that’s happening + weekly reminders of what’s going on in any given week and much more, all for under $50/month to make it an easy “yes” to get quality ongoing business and marketing training geared for action and results.

There’s plenty more of course, and our intent is that these get your wheels spinning on ways you can improve your client experience through Extreme Client Care™.