Marketing Mess: 16 out of 21 business owners are guilty

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It's no secret that I like to send cards to clients and colleagues on their birthdays — I'm known at our local Hallmark store as "the card lady" since I buy birthday cards there in quantity.

In preparing to send some cards out, a member of my Team was getting me addresses for the ones I don't already have and noted something rather disturbing:

16 out of the 21 business sites she checked had NO address contact information.  That's 76% of the business owners she checked.

Why does this count as a "marketing mess" you ask?

Quite simply:

1. How can prospects and clients feel any sense of knowing you, let alone trusting you, if you have no contact information on your business site?

2. It's a violation of the CAN-SPAM law.  The law states that you must have at least a mailing address and phone number on your site.  And yes…this includes every sales page or single opt-in page you have as well as your primary website.

If you're a website designer/programmer, I hope you make it part of your package to share this information with your clients.

And if you are creating on your own, please note the above and update your sites if needed.

And…if you've created your own and have this information, KUDOS to you!

(On the positive side, the remaining 5 were my clients and they all had the information!)  🙂