Paint & Makeup are doing it — are you?

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While watching a bit of tv this weekend, I noticed that everyone's jumping on the "do once, get maximum results" bandwagon:

1. A commercial for paint which does the work of paint and primer so you have to put on less coats.

2. Yet another commercial. . .this one for makeup which does triple duty as coverup, moisturizer and sun protection.

So let me ask you. . .is your work doing at least double duty?

Are you repurposing everything you do for AT LEAST one other thing which brings results in your business?

Your articles…are they also your teleseminars? Your free report giveaways? Your videos? Your tweets and posts?

Your teleseminars? Are they the beginnings of your products?

Your programs? Are they recorded and sold as home study courses?

Take advantage of summer by repurposing as much as you can so your work does double and triple duty, at a minimum!  🙂